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Spring trails, Paju-Si, April ‘14

Sunlight, Paju-Si, April ‘14

Crossing, Yeungheung-do. May ‘14

World Cup Fever, Paju-si, June ‘14

Ilsan KYK, Live at Club FF, Hongdae South Korea, March ‘13

Old Friends, Live at Club FF, Hongdae South Korea, March ‘13

Seoul BJM, Live at Clubb FF, Hongdae South Korea, March ‘13

Winter on the mountain, Paju-Si, Jan ‘14

Winter in the rice paddies, Paju-Si, Jan ‘14

Flying Toronto SV, Borocay-Phillipines, Dec ‘13

Snow in the Park, Gyoha-South Korea, Dec ‘13

Seoul by night, Seoul Olympic Park, Dec ‘13

Seoul City Hall, South Korea, Sep ‘12

Bali, Indonesia, Aug ‘12

View from Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia, Aug ‘12

Seoul Race Track, Aug ‘12


Muuido in May, May ‘12

Glasgow CMW, Dec ‘11